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We Craft Experience
That Help Brands
Stand Out

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Al-Tameer Al-Saudi

Al-Tameer Al-Saudi Establishment is based in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia - Dammam City , Badr District , Al Khawarezmy Commercial Street .

We Are working in the field of Constructions & infrastructure since 1424 Hijri , and everything related to the field of internal or External Architecture .

Also , Maintenance and Sites Supervision . Project Feasibility study by materials Quantities and price . Gardens Decorations ,Insecticides Sprays and swimming pools Internal & external.

Our Vision :

Working in a competitive, quality, secure and consensus with clients and achieve their vision and their breadth in their projects

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Issuing Reports & Cost accounting Works

Cost Center Report - This report provides information on expenses and revenue added to or deducted from cost centers. Distribution Report - This report provides information on the total cost of costs and expenses at each cost center according to distribution rules.

Feasability Studies & Cost Calculations

The cost of the project is actually estimated during the design phase, where the designer calculates the project's approximate costs and follows it continuously so as not to exceed the budget limit estimated by the owner. In the tender study stage, the contractor will perform a detailed and accurate cost estimate to prepare his bids. The case of anchoring the tender to be used for cost control during implementation

Projects Studies

Feasibility study in a scientific way to estimate the probability of success of the project idea before the actual implementation, in view of the ability of the project or investment idea to achieve certain goals

Heat & Water proofing Works

Insulation begins with the process of cleaning and processing the surfaces by removing the residues of the plaster and the concrete pieces on the surface. The first layers of insulation are made. The use of the foam concrete begins with placing the primer liquid to receive the waterproofing layer thanks to the use of a layer of thermal insulation. Applications of thermal insulation and waterproofing vary according to the designs and uses of buildings

Decoration Work

Choose the appropriate shape according to the location of the decoration to be designed with consistency in the colors of the form or shape and the general composition and innovation of the new to suit the place and function and different techniques and innovation in the new paints, taking into account the correct Placement








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